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'Find Your Fit' Formula

A personalized guided program assessment to help you gain clarity and align your personal values and professional vision to find YOUR best fit to be successful.

Ever find yourself miserable in a role? Unsatisfied or bored at work? Ever feel stuck and without direction in your career?


It's time for you to stop:

  • lying to yourself about your ideals & preferences

  • waiting on someone else to affirm your value/worth

  • accepting roles you know aren't a fit for you and aren't sustainable


It's time for you to start:

  • embracing your unique motivators & triggers

  • job searching with confidence & calculated strategies

  • declining roles that don't align with your personal and lifestyle values

Providing you insight to assist in aligning your career vision with your personal values through (4) sixty-minute personalized sessions with your career discovery coach identifying:

  • Values & Priorities

  • Interests & Ambitions

  • Perceived Obstacles

  • Personality Traits

  • Strengths & Weaknesses

  • Motivators & Triggers

  • Save $155

    Find Your Fit - 1

    Pay In Full
  • Find Your Fit - 2

    Every 2 weeks
    (2) payment Plan
    Valid for 4 weeks
  • Find Your Fit - 3

    Every 2 weeks
    (3) Payment Plan
    Valid for 6 weeks
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